Eddie's New Book Principles and Practices of Nonviolence!

Eddie recently published the book Principles and Practices of Nonviolence: 30 Meditations for Practicing Compassion. When he wrote the book his hope was that he could find a creative way to share the message of nonviolence with others to inspire people to practice those principles that guided those we recognize as leaders of nonviolence. The book's focus on nonviolence is timely and essential in guiding and shaping our future, especially in the midst of all we are seeing nationally and internationally at this time. 

Sylvia Haskvitz, author of Eat by Choice and certified trainer/assessor with the Center for Nonviolent Communication writes, "With each chapter, comes wisdom and a clear invitation and request of how to practice these principles of Nonviolence. This book is enriching to the soul, nourishing to the spirit and essential for our individual and collective healing. A book for our times!" 

The book is also being used as a companion book for participants in the the batterer Intervention program with Life Enriching Communication.