“The training was so powerful and meaningful that staff who attended the sessions did not want it to end. Eddie inspired all of us… and taught us how to resolve conflicts with ease… how to listen to ourselves and truly hear the needs of others…he taught us how to strengthen our personal and professional relationships and to start living to our fullest potential.”
- Susie Davies, Executive Director of M.O.R.E

"As the former Director of Education and Training, I have known Eddie the last seven years as a colleague at The Center for Violence-Free Relationships...When Eddie first started, he infused a dying program with new curriculum and energy that grew and grew into a very credible program highly regarded in the community and throughout the state.

"Eddie has a rare talent of bringing an individual from chaos to calm - his active listening skills, nonjudgmental attitude, ability to validate others and show empathy, and offer guidance and support through a strength-based approach parallels no other."
- Judy Knapp, CEO of Prevention Works

“Eddie is a man whose life is rooted in very deep moral principles. To him, his work is far beyond ‘just a job’ – it is a calling. He is dedicated to working to help people understand the importance and great value of a non-violent approach to life. Observing him interacting with his clients in the group setting, he always made each individual feel valued and important, no matter what their history might have been. It was clear his clients respected him and even looked forward to his classes. I never once heard him raise his voice or speak disrespectfully to anyone; he didn’t need to because, by his very approach, he simply commanded respect.”
- Claire Roberts, LCSW

A Story of Transformation
Two years ago Joseph* put his hands on his wife and physically assaulted her. His wife left the relationship and filed a restraining order.

After graduating from The Center's 52 week batterer's intervention program, his wife reached out to him and asked him to move back home.

"I had tears in my eyes," he says. "I was so moved that she was willing to have me come home...I have been home for some months now and our relationship is healthy and positive. I am so grateful to this program."
- Joseph
*name changed due to confidentiality